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Jethro E. Tiotangco
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Well, hello there!
I'm Jethro, primarily a gamer, secondarily an "artist".
I'm a teenager who has "creative" tendencies to form and weave from my thoughts.
Having access to a computer, I figured I would craft art, based from my ideas, but digitally, since I'm not very adept with traditional art (I have to admit that much).

I'm somewhat an eccentric and bizarre person. At first, you'll find me strange because I'm too quiet or apathetic, but that's because I really don't know what to express at times, so help me out when that happens. On that note, the reason why I often descend into an apathetic world is because I have many thoughts at all times.

My current interests are: Paint Tool Sai, Danganronpa, Persona, Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines, Root Double, Code of Princess, Dark Souls, and a lot of PS3 RPGs that were overlooked in the past console generation.

I'm currently using Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop.

If you want, I also have other accounts:…


My image for 'Picture Gate' by ThatOneUserFromPH
My image for 'Picture Gate'
One day, as I was browsing my Steam recommendations, I came across an RPG called "Stranger of Sword City", and though I haven't the time to play it, the idea of putting whatever image as your avatar stuck with me, and so I made my own avatar for the game.
Now all I need is some free time to actually play it...
Me = In 'Anime' Form by ThatOneUserFromPH
Me = In 'Anime' Form
So I got bored and decided to color my quick sketch, which was the last thing I posted (right here: thatoneuserfromph.deviantart.c…)
and yeah, it *is* highly influenced by Persona 4 and the side portraits (whilst in combat).
I had fun with making it as I practiced the "anime" shadows that I couldn't quite get right before, but now, I think it turned out fine.
My Own 'Anime Self-Portrait' by ThatOneUserFromPH
My Own 'Anime Self-Portrait'
Yo, artists!
I haven't really posted in a while...
It's mainly because I've been immersing myself in a lot of games lately, and my most recent game being Persona 4, inspired me to create my own anime self-portrait.
I didn't get the "gruff" vibe that I was expecting (though I don't really look tough in real life), but because of my facial hair, I was expecting it to look pretty gruff. 
Regardless, I still think my self-portrait reflects me just fine...I think?
The apathetic look and dull expression is actually present on my face irl, so I'd say it's pretty close.
Mother's Day 2016 Artwork by ThatOneUserFromPH
Mother's Day 2016 Artwork
I'm pretty bummed that this is all I can do in Paint Tool Sai for my mom, but still, I'm proud of how it turned out because I still put my time into it. Don't forget to tell "I love you!" to your mother, regardless of whether or not they're their. They may be imperfect beings, but they're still the ones that brought you into this world! Happy Mother's Day, guys!
I'm fine. Just tired. by ThatOneUserFromPH
I'm fine. Just tired.
Tried out a darker theme for today. It was a good practice for my shading too.
This is basically based off my face whenever I look in the mirror whenever I'm problematic about things.

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